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17 September 2006 @ 08:20 pm


Toph/Sokka/Suki triangle FTW. Though I prefer Toph/Sokka Toph's possible crush on Sokka is so adorable. Thought it was so obvious that Sokka still feels (very) strongly about Suki, and that he feels kind of guilty because of Yue.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee for Kataang. Though it was kind of angsty, it was still beautiful. And OMG sexy!Katara lol.

I love how Sokka finally got to be shown in a smart light. Master plan!Sokka was awesome, and I love how he can be so silly yet so smart. And how both Katara, Aang and Toph (well, maybe not Toph) recognize this.

And lol for pimp!Iroh. I knew he had it in him :D."

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17 September 2006 @ 07:07 pm

Not much has been going on. I'm killing myself studying, so I can get the Honor Roll. It's been a year and a half since I last got it, and I'm fully planning on finally getting it this December. Besides, my friends are being a pain, and my teachers won't stop sending out projects and homework. Which I still haven't finished.

So my birthday was on Wednesday. I'm 15 now! My birthday party, which was on Friday, was really cool. All my friends were there, and I even made a couple more friends. On Friday we also celebrated Love and Friendship day. Strange tradition here in Barranquilla when friends give each other lots and lots of candy.  Heh, I got so much it didn't fit in my backpack. My friends are so crazy.

Though I'm having some trouble with them.  It's that, usually, I'm the rejected one in our group. It's because I'm a bit different, liking hard rock and anime and not so interested in fashion and whatnot. I thought I could get used to it, but it's hard.

Well, there's no much more to tell. See ya around! Hopefully I'll have time to sign on.
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12 August 2006 @ 01:34 pm
I was bored and decided to draw little Sokka, seeing as I had never tried to draw him before. What started as a sketch became a little airbrushed painting. It's kind of cute, isn't it?

Sokka eats jooooooo!!!1!11!one!!1Collapse )

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09 August 2006 @ 12:22 pm



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06 August 2006 @ 01:51 am
Mom came back from Bogota today. She says Adri's doing pretty well there, even if they were kind of scared because there have been some bombs there lately and the city's full of soldiers and tanks.

She brought me a mirror and two really cool shirts. Adri sent me a wallet, earrings, and a brownie. I really wasn't expecting all this.

Will have my school uniform made on Tuesday because Monday's a national holiday. I also have to go to my school's store to get some books I didn't find anywhere else.

9 Days till I start school. *Sigh*
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04 August 2006 @ 02:54 pm
Ok, I haven't got much time. I'm supposed to go to the Gym in 5 minutes, and my dad is definitely not going to wait for me, 'cause he's got to go to the office. But I'm just so happy!

And that shows you that you can lose weight without risking your life with surgery, throwing up, or suspicious pills. Just good ol' diet and exercise.

I officially reached my goal for the summer. I lost 22 pounds! And now I'm looking better than ever. Yay! One of my friends, who returned yesterday from vacations, went crazy when she saw me. And I'm going to meet the rest of my friends after the Gym to do a Scrapbook for one of our friends who's moving out from the city.

Yesterday I was so bored I read three books in a row. I surprised myself, especially because they're in English. I noticed that now I can read English as easily as I read Spanish, my native language. And my parents said I wasn't doing anything productive at the computer. Ha!
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01 August 2006 @ 05:50 pm
Ok, so I tried doing some animated icons. Key word: tried. Why do they look so yucky? It's LiveJournal's limited space. Gah. I had to erase a bunch of frames and take out some color before being able to post it. And then, I don't know why, the speed of one of the icons accelerates and I have no option but slow it down... and now it looks retarded. But besides all this, I really like this batch. And it was time to give some of these ships the appreciation they deserve!

Fifteen icons, including:

[2] Aang
[1] Aang and Appa
[1] Katara
[1] Yu Yan Archer
[2] Aang/Katara
[2] Sokka/Toph
[2] Zuko/Toph
[2] Koh/Azula
[1] Zuko/Song
[1] Zuko

- Credit if you use.
- No Hotlinking.
- Comment? =)

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30 July 2006 @ 10:27 pm
So... not much happened today. My mother is in Bogota with my sister helping her get settled down, so it's just my grandma, my dad, and me here. It can get pretty boring, especially since most of my friends will not be returning from vacation till next week and I don't really feel like going out anyway.

I'm a little frustrated because I haven't started to write again yet. Which sucks, because I have these ideas in my head that I just can't translate into words. All I ever do now is try to improve my icon-making. Which is paying off, I think. The new icon batch should be done by tomorrow. I have 13 done already, but I want to wait till I have 15.

And... that's all.
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28 July 2006 @ 01:29 pm
Haven't been in the mood for writing lately, and I don't just mean writing stories and such, but in general. I don't know what's wrong with me; I used to write almost every day before and all I want to do now is sleep.

My sister left yesterday for Bogota, Colombia's capital. She's going to study Business Managing there. It's really sad because I have a really strong bond with her, even if we were often discussing and going against each other. We used to spend our free afternoons cooking together, a hobby we both share. And it was so fun. Now I won't see her until October, and will miss her greately. Hopefully I can convience my dad to take me to Bogota on one of his business travels so I can see her, but I don't think he will let me. *sigh*

Well, there's a book waiting for me, and I shall go read it.
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26 July 2006 @ 01:06 am
Today I came upon this wonderful icon tutorial by akaich0u. Didn't seem so hard, so I tried. This is what came out of it. Please keep in mind that these are my FIRST icons ever and that I had never even tried to do this (on Photoshop, anyway) before. God, these are so bad >.<. I've got to keep practicing.


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If taking, please comment and credit :).
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24 July 2006 @ 07:13 pm
Except for the fact that Spiral from the DH Forums uploaded the trailer and sneak preview for The Secret of the Fire Nation! I can't believe it! It looked so awesome and the fans were so loud!!

Now I really CAN'T wait for September!!Collapse )

Aside from that, I had a pretty normal day. Woke up, had breakfast with my grandmother, slept some more (I stayed up until like 4 am last night), ate lunch, used the computer, went to the gym, came back, and now I'm using the computer again :). It's kind of like my routine nowadays. Later I'm going to the movies with some friends, though.

Well, that's about it. See ya!
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24 July 2006 @ 02:53 am
<td align="center"> HisElement --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

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23 July 2006 @ 02:34 pm
Well, so many people in the Avatar fandom's got one of these, so why not me? Lol :P.

I'm still figuring out this thing. My layout needs so much work -___-;;. But when I'm finished it'll be all worth it, won't it? The Avatar communities look pretty cool and fun, and I can't wait to join.

Yeah, I'm an Avatard and proud of it =D. I began (healthily) obsessing over it after I watched The Blue Spirit. One of the things I love more about Avatar is the continuity of the plot and the characters and their development throughout the series. It's definitely one of the best shows on T.V. today.

I like to write fanfiction, but I'm currently in hiatus because of this darned writer's block. I have a pretty good plot line in my head, though, and I should start writing fanfiction again soon. If you want to check my work up to the day, click here.

My day has been boring, as usual. Vacations tend to get this way after the first month. I don't want to return to school, but I kinda do, too. At least it gives me something to do during the day. All I do now is eat, sleep, browse internet, watch TV, and sometimes go out with my friends (though most of them are somewhere else, so...).
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